Oxford Urban Wildlife Surveys.

Each year, in the warmer months we undertake a series of surveys of areas of interest in Oxford. These include areas of great wildlife value like the fritillary meadows, our own Boundary Brook site where we monitor the plant life, have moth trapping evenings or look at the pond life.

Please contact us if you would like more information. In the past we have took part in surveys of Wytham Woods, Stow Wood, part of Cowley Marsh, the Bus Station Field and Oxpens Meadow.  As well as helping to survey the fritillaries in Osney Mead and of Boundary Brook Nature Park.

Environmental activities

Over the years we have taken part in many environmental activities in Oxford including ragwort pulling in Port Meadow, Operation Sparrowhawk (an environmental play-scheme for children) and litter blitzes in the Lye Valley and Trap Grounds. Over the years individual members have had a significant impact on Oxford wildlife by becoming involved with the Forest of Oxford, Rivermead Nature Park, plans for a City Farm, management of Holywell Cemetery. More recently we have some involvement with the designation of Town Greens for example the Trap Grounds and Warneford Meadow

Garden Pond Survey

In 1995, our Garden Pond Survey publicised the importance of garden ponds in providing habitats for amphibians. Our advice line for frogs and toads resulted in an 'official' toad crossing in South Oxford and persuaded Oxford City Council to be the first local council to lower kerbstones to allow easier passage for migrating toads in North Oxford.

Spreading the Word

At events, we give advice on conservation and wildlife gardening in Oxford and have broadcast on local radio and television and had pieces in the local press about wildlife matters.

We sell suitable plants and seeds to plant in people's garden to attract wildlife. These must now grace many Oxford gardens.